Many hoplites will die in these dungeons


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Hoplite is a roguelike with a very traditional look, though it has some twists beyond the typical roguelike gameplay, ultimately providing a really fresh and different gaming experience.

In Hoplite, you control one of these legendary Greek militants, who must venture into dungeons full of enemies to ... well, to try to get as far as possible, becoming stronger and killing enemies along the way. What else?

The base of the gameplay in Hoplite is the traditional one for this genre: descend through the dungeon level by level until you inevitably die, then start over again from the beginning. However, in Hoplite, you have several skills to learn, as well: jump, load, and use your spear or javelin.

In each level, you can improve one of your skills, meaning every time you descend further, you'll be a little stronger. Of course, your enemies will also get stronger and there will be more of them each time, so in the end you'll almost certainly die.

Hoplite is a fun and challenging roguelike which, despite lacking outstanding graphics or a super well-developed story, offers a remarkable gameplay that makes you want to keep playing.